Bali Kintamani

floral - chocolaty - vanilla - citrus

Chemex, Espresso, French Press, V60 and Tubruk




Bali is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in Asia. Blessed with beautiful beaches, exceptional service, and a rich cultural history and cuisine, Bali is an incomparable experience.  Around 50 miles from the heart of Bali lies the scenic mountain region of Kintamani.


Kintamani is known for its fertile soil and the well-known “Bali Orange.” It’s also the home of one of Beaneka’s trusted farmers, Wayan Warta.

Wayan Warta

Mr. Wayan started processing coffee in 2003 with traditional wooden equipment, but since then has upgraded to a 3 hectare coffee co-op with modern tooling and 69 active members. His hard work, dedication, and humility is reflected in the coffee we enjoy so much today.