West Java

almond - lemon - cascara

Moka, Chemex, Coldbrew, French Press, V60 and Tubruk



The Humble Coffee

West Java is well known for its crowded street food district; satay, soto mie, nasi liwet, batagor, crazy fried rice and more are scattered throughout the province.  Aside from its invigorating cuisine, people from the city often visit West Java for engaging outdoor activities. The considerably high altitude makes it a perfect getaway from Jakarta’s stressful atmosphere. Aside from recreation, West Java’s high elevation and developed infrastructure makes it a great area for the agricultural industry.  In fact, it is one of the most important agricultural suppliers to Jakarta and the surrounding provinces.

Mr Yoseph

Our journey to West Java began with a visit to a coffee processing center owned by Mr. Yoseph Kusuniyanto.  His humble processing center is in his house and can only accommodate small batches.  Most of the processing is accomplished with manual labor.  His determination and commitment to produce good coffee, however, was demonstrated by the coffee tubruk that he made for us.  It had a clean, consistent and delightful taste.  Mr. Yoseph’s coffee plantation is located an hour of off-road driving from his house. The long drive allowed us to get to know more about the plantation.  Because of the high altitude, Mr. Yoseph does not need to use pesticides or herbicides.  When asked about Organic Certification, Mr. Yoseph replied:  “We don’t have such capital to meet the requirements of organic certifications.  However, we rely on the kindness of mother nature to maintain our coffee trees”. Our mission is to help more farmers like Mr. Yoseph, whose hard work and perseverance is making the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time.